Have you asked the important questions?

Overall Planning

If I only had six months to live, what changes would I make?

Wealth Creation

What is my overall investment strategy?
How do I better invest my personal, business & retirement plan assets?
Do I have the time and training to manage my own investments?
Do I sometimes invest without looking at the total picture?
Are my investments and insurance coordinated with my overall goals?

Wealth Conservation

What changes should be made to my will or trust?
What impact will estate taxes have on my own investments?
What are the projected estate taxes? How could I reduce them?
What would be the advantages of making gifts to children?
How would gifts to charity provide benefits to me and my family?

Business Continuation Planning

What will happen to my business in the event of my death, disability, or retirement?
How will my family or I ultimately get money out of the business?
To what extent will my children be involved in the business?
Who will ultimately run the business?
Are the key managers adequately insured?
If I sell the business, how should the sale be structured?

Executive Benefits

Am I providing the most cost effective fringe benefits?
What am I doing to attract, motivate, retain, and reward key people?
What impact would the loss of key management have?
Do I have appropriate salary continuation plans and agreements?


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